Coffee Machine Maintenance: 10 Tips To Make It Last Longer

Coffee machine maintenance: 10 tips to make it last longer.

Today, coffee machines are a feature of many homes, and “bar-style coffee” has become an everyday reality.
Capsule machines and machines for ground coffee (with an “arm”) are the most common because they take up less space and produce good quality coffee. To keep them working well for a long time, you just need to take care of them and remember to carry out regular maintenance, especially for the detachable parts of the machine.

Here is some advice that will be easy to remember… and you’ll be able to say goodbye to customer assistance hotlines!


1. There is always an instruction booklet provided with your coffee machine. There will certainly be a section inside dedicated to the maintenance of your specific model. Read the producer’s advice: you may find just the right tricks and tips.

2. Your coffee machine needs to be securely positioned on a flat surface, far from heat sources. Leave a few centimetres of space around and above the machine: consider that you will need to access different areas (the drawer at the front, the tank at the back, the possible arm, etc.)

3. Keep the outside of the coffee machine clean, degreasing it weekly with a damp cloth and a simple detergent, such as Mister Magic Kitchen Surface Cleaner.

4. Cleaning the parts of the machine that come into contact with the coffee and the water is very important, not only in terms of hygiene but also because incorrect maintenance will spoil the taste of the coffee.

5. Preventing the build-up of scale in the coffee machine is one of the best strategies for making it last longer. Scale builds up mainly in the water tank and the hidden parts of the machine. Scale alters the taste of the coffee, and slowly lowers the temperature of the machine.

6. In the tank, it is best to use cold water, or low-mineralized bottled water, especially if your city has particularly “hard” water (with a lot of scales).

7. The tank should be rinsed in cold water very often to remove possible deposits. A very important rule for coffee machine maintenance: the tank should be descaled once a month. The descaling process can be carried out with various methods, using vinegar or an unscented product such as Mister Magic Descaler for Coffee Machines, which is made with citric acid.

8. Clean the portafilter very often (even once a day), as the water that comes out with the coffee accumulates in it, along with the residues of the coffee itself. You can simply rinse it under the tap.

9. For capsule machines, remember to clean the capsule compartment often, at least every time you empty it.

10. For ground coffee machines, regularly clean the dispenser (including the filter) and run hot water through, which will unblock the spouts. If your machine includes dispensers and containers for milk, clean them after every use: milk leaves build-up and deposits that are almost as damaging as a scale!

Is it possible to get rid of scale from a coffee machine using a descaler?

Yes! With a professional product, the results are 100% guaranteed. Mister Magic Descaler for Coffee Machines is suitable for coffee machines, percolators, small appliances, and irons. Made from natural ingredients, it is odourless, removes rust, and is 98% biodegradable.

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