Mister Magic®, a success story

Mister Magic® was founded in Italy in 1997, and distinguished itself right from the start as a brand that cares about its consumers, always looking for effective and innovative solutions to satisfy their needs when it comes to deodorising and cleaning the home.

1999 saw the historic launch of our revolutionary Odour Absorbing egg Ovetto® for refrigerators, which promises to absorb and neutralise all the unpleasant odours in the fridge, without taking up space, without altering the taste and aroma of food, and with a lifespan of 3 months.

After over 20 years, and more than 20 million products sold, the Mister Magic® Ovetto® is still the undisputed leader in its category. Its fulfilled promise announced the beginning of a story of success, built over time with many other new products for cleaning and home care.


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