Spring Cleaning: 8 Home Appliances That Should Be Cleaned (At Least) Once A Year

It’s spring, time for spring cleaning! This should also include home appliances, especially those that often get a bit neglected. Here is a list of 8 faithful kitchen aids to restore to their former splendour. And some advice for doing it effectively using the right product


Remove any trays or pans, and slide out the drip pan and shelves. Collect any burnt crumbs or pieces of food. Spray the bottom and the walls with Mister Magic® Oven and Barbecue Cleaner, leave for a few minutes, and wipe with a damp sponge. If there is still some stubborn dirt, spray the oven cleaner directly onto the area and wipe again.

Spring cleaning trick: use a product without strong fragrances that could interfere with the food. And don’t forget the outside of the glass!


Don’t forget the freezer! How long has it been since you looked inside? When you are doing your spring cleaning, defrost your freezer and clean it. To do this quickly, without having to deal with spatulas and scrapers, use a product that accelerates the defrosting process, such as Mister Magic® Easy-Defrost, which also leaves a pleasant clean smell. Spray the product liberally onto the ice on all the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave until all the ice has detached from the surfaces, then take the ice away or soak up the meltwater with a cloth. Dry the walls of the freezer carefully, then replace the drawers, well-cleaned, and finally check the frozen food. If anything has been sitting there for too long, eat it immediately.

Spring cleaning trick: repeat this process after two months – this way you will prevent the build-up of layers and layers of ice, and cleaning the freezer will become a breeze, taking only a few minutes.


Food residues and grease stick in the filter, on the walls, the cutlery basket, and the seals. When spring cleaning, do things properly and deep clean your dishwasher. You can handwash the walls and the bottom, take out the baskets, and put the filter to soak. Or you can treat everything with a specialized product such as Mister Magic® Protector Dishwasher Care, which also works against scale and build-up. This type of maintenance improves the performance of the machine. Your dishes will be cleaner, and your dishwasher will last longer.

Spring cleaning trick: to prevent bad smells in the dishwasher, hang a Mister Magic® Little Lemon Dishwasher Deodoriser.

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If you use it every morning, you’ll know the state it gets in after a short time! If you have a vertical toaster, it probably includes a removable crumb tray. When spring cleaning, slide it out and tip out the crumbs that have collected. If it is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth. Then clean the blackened grills, scrubbing with steel wool if needed. Carefully turn the toaster upside-down and shake it to remove any hidden crumbs. Clean the outside, including the bottom, with a damp cloth and Mister Magic® Kitchen Surface Cleaner. Don’t forget the cable!

Spring cleaning trick: when you make toasted sandwiches with melted cheese, use a little baking parchment between the bread and the grills. This way you won’t make any mess!


The parts of a mixer that get the dirtiest are the attachment for the spatulas and whisks, and the outside, where little splashes of batter stick on and dry. With an old toothbrush, scrub the most difficult-to-reach parts of the whisk attachment, concentrating on the areas that can’t be detached. Then degrease the outside of the mixer; if it is made of steel, remember to dry it with a rag, or you will leave unsightly streaks. The bowl and the whisks should be washed after every use, if possible by hand, without too much soap.

Spring cleaning trick: usually mixers also come with a plastic anti-splash cover that can be attached over the bowl. Don’t forget to use it!


Dried-on orange pulp is one of the most difficult things to clean in the kitchen, right? The secret is to immediately remove residues and rinse the mouth of the orange squeezer under the tap, because the more time passes, the more they harden… By “cleaning the orange squeezer,” we mean cleaning the parts that can be detached, of course, so the mouth and the grooved accessory for squeezing. The part containing the motor should never be put in water, but it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Sometimes electric orange squeezers become yellow over time: to remove stains, try rubbing it with a little water and bicarbonate.

Spring cleaning trick: get rid of pulp and juice residues straight away. The longer you wait… the worse it gets.

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The parts that should be cleaned regularly are the water tank, the drip tray, the dispenser, and the capsule compartment. The tank is subject to scale build-up because it contains water: if you want to do things properly when spring cleaning, give it a treatment with a href=”https://www.mistermagic.it/en/prodotti-mister-magic/specialised-cleaning-products/descaler-for-coffee-machines/”>Mister Magic® Descaler, which is odourless and made from citric acid. The drip tray is easily removed and can be rinsed directly under the tap, as can the capsule container. Don’t use dish soap or products with strong fragrances, or your coffee will taste of perfume! Finally, don’t forget to wipe a wet sponge over the outside of the machine and wipe the coffee dispenser spout, which gets blocked very easily.

Spring cleaning trick: don’t leave water sitting in the bottom of the tank – empty it, rinsing well, before refilling it with clean water. This way you will avoid the growth of mould.


In the microwave, splashes of food and drops of milk or hot chocolate dry onto the walls of the appliance. Make sure that it is always clean and well-sanitized to avoid mould and bad smells. To clean your microwave, open the door, remove the glass turntable plate and wash it with water and a block of normal dish soap. Spray the walls, bottom, and the inside of the door with Mister Magic® Fridge and Microwave Cleaner, then wipe with a dry cloth: no need to rinse! The outside of the microwave gets more dusty than dirty: remember to dust it, and don’t neglect the counter underneath.

Spring cleaning trick: when you reheat food, use designated lids or clingfilm so you don’t get any splashes!

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