Extractor Hoods: How To Make Them Sparkling Clean In A Few, Simple Steps

Those with a stainless steel extractor hood know how difficult it is to properly clean them and get rid of dust and grease build-up. But why does cleaning your hood without leaving streaks always seem an impossible task? As well as the inaccessible position of this part of the kitchen, steel is also a delicate material that needs the right product and the right type of cloth to make it shine. Let’s find out how to clean an extractor hood, both inside and out, and get excellent results!

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When cleaning your extractor hood, it is a good idea to make sure you haven’t chosen the wrong product. Many detergents on the market can be very aggressive or contain corrosive substances such as bleach and hydrochloric acid. Instead, one of the natural remedies suitable for steel is white vinegar and hot water. Vinegar is a mixture with powerful degreasing properties, and is also cheap and pollutes very little.

The problem with steel, however, is that it is an alloy. Vinegar could end up not being completely effective! If you want to be sure, you can buy a specialized product, such as Mister Magic® Stovetop Cleaner, created specifically to clean steel surfaces such as extractor hoods and stovetops.


When cleaning your extractor hood, it is best to use soft cloths made from natural fibres or microfibre. No sponges with scouring pads, steel wool, or utensils with metal parts: steel scratches extremely easily. An old toothbrush, however, can be very useful for scrubbing the grate of the extractor, which is directly above the hotplates, and therefore gets the dirtiest.


Start by carefully removing the steel grills and putting them to soak in boiling water and dish soap. This step is advised if the grill is particularly dirty because pre-soaking will soften the grease deposits and they will be easier to remove.

While the grills are soaking, concentrate on the external part of the extractor hood. Wet the cloth and wring it out, then spray Mister Magic® Stovetop Cleaner on the outer surface. Start to rub with the cloth, focusing on small areas, without forgetting the corners, and the inside, which is usually hidden by the grills.

Rinse the cloth several times to get rid of the dirt, and be persistent with the most critical areas. It will all take only a few minutes, also because Mister Magic® Stovetop Cleaner doesn’t need a real rinse.

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When you have finished, dry the extractor hood immediately: this is the real secret to not leaving streaks or dark spots. Dry the wet surface with a clean cotton rag, with energetic circular movements.

Don’t forget the grills, of course! After the pre-soaking, you can proceed in two ways: either wash them in the dishwasher or use Mister Magic® Stovetop Cleaner and the toothbrush we recommended earlier. Simply scrub between the intersections, rinsing with boiling water now and again. Dry the grills carefully as well: at this point, they will finally be sparkling!

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